Make a Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

side by side, Nato Fukasawa masterpiece the Muji CD-Player and our budget cardboard version.

1. the ingredients are:
a CD-player with an access to the batteries compartment from the front (disc side),
a pair of portable speakers that have a built in amplifier,
a pull cord light switch with a cotton thread,
circle cutting knife. for nice circle cuts.
epoxy glue, cardboard glue and some wires.

2. get every thing out of the box.

3. strip down the speakers but keep the batteries housing complete.

4. take the cover off the CD-player. glue the play button so it will stay in it’s active state. now connect the two wires to the CD-player battery circuit, creating a shortcut in the CD-player electric supply. now when the circuit will close the player will start playing.

5. the speakers together with the CD-player determine the size of the case.

6. this step is where you punch all the holes in the front part.

7. fit side panels to the front case edge, and punch a hole in the bottom for the cotton thread.

8. front view of the case.

9. the back panel is a bit smaller then the front one, it gives strength to the structure.

10. glue it all in place with an epoxy. put the switch just above the hole and wire it to the player.  connected the amplifier to the headphone jack of the player.

12. here we have all the stuff in place with the cotton thread tied to the switch, just before we seal it. for ever.

13. from the back we will have access to the batteries of the speaker’s amplifier, and in the front to the batteries of the CD-player.

pull the thred for play and pull again to stop.


  1. you r very interesting :]

    so funny www
    i want it !

    tetsuya’s Friends Ryuji/OR from Japan .

  2. lovely design and the holes are super neat**
    20 (speakers) + 23 (player) + 12 (cutter) + 7 ( cord)
    + 1100 (20h à 55, hourly wages for a real artist)
    1162 euros should be the listprice….. budget,budget,budget

  3. This is my favorite website! I love!

  4. wonderful!

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  6. Will you please go on posting your hax plz.

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  8. Génial!!!

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  10. how does the switch (pull cord) work? i dont understand it…

  11. i’ve worked it out now… but how do you change volume?
    i want to make one hence all the questions

  12. come on dude! check your website dude!!!
    what did you use to punch those holes?

  13. i used a very simple and cheap tool, you can see a photo of it here:
    you will need a hammer as well.
    pleas send me a photo when you are done.
    thanks, and good luck

  14. i bought the same speakers, can you please tell me how you removed the face plate and back cover from the speakers? cause the face plate seems glued on and the back cover is too thick for tin snips…


  15. fucking cute idea…hehehe…lol

  16. How would this work if I wanted to use a switch. The purpose is when you shut a door, music automatically starts to play. When the door is opened, the music stops. Thanks.

  17. Muji have a nice blog widget now too

  18. I’ve made myself one of this and its great!… Responding to David open the cd up and put tap on this little switch that detects the cd player cover … if you look at the cd cover underside you see some plastic parts that sticks out. one of them pushes down on a small switch inside the cd player. …. JUST PUT TAPE OVER IT.

    to a.g. yank the plastic part from the speaker really really really hard. the glue will eventually give in. or break or the plastic part or saw it off.

  19. Can I get any feedback on a design improvement: I’d like to strobe a few white LEDs on the front of the CD timed with the rotation of the device such that while the CD is playing it will appear that the front is stationary and the cover art can be seen as if it’s still.

    Does anyone think this is possible? In the dark I think it should work if the timing can be controlled, but what about in the day time?

  20. please shrink the font on the comments — they are unreadable on a notebook — way too huge! thx

  21. when you say “put the switch just above the hole and wire it” do you mean the pull switch needs to be wired to the battery pack as well?

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  23. groovy really groovy. i dont get the cd player circuit sytem deal you were talking about. how can i make the cd player turn on with the pull cord. i was going to have a headphone output to my stereo system.

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