How to make a gadget organizer bin


the stuff you will put there will look so nice, and you will never lose track of where you left them.



the important tools; i used a router to make the circle cut, but you can also used a simple jig saw for that. you’ll need a drill bit that can make 3 cm holl.



so the bucket i used is an Ikea bin that i found in the garbage (don’t worry grandma i washed it!), an electric mefatzel, a 10mm plywood in the size that will cover the top of the bin, and most important a battle of Pepsi.



just drill a hole in the bin big enough for the cable to fit throw it.



cut the plywood just in the right size, make it fit in the bin and still live something like 5 cm edge of the bin top, this will give a nice support for the stuff you put on it.



that was easy.



and there you have it.


  1. “and most important a battle of Pepsi.”
    Unfortunately you never describe how the Pepsi cork is hold in place…

  2. Wozu die Pepsiflasche?

  3. How did you squeeze the powers strip plug through a pencil hole? Is the entire bottle of Pepsi sitting in the container?

  4. battle is hold ply up; but I wonder more how plug is get through small hole. A good idea, but poorly executed/explained… :P

  5. He obviously unscrewed the plug from the wire, thread the wire through the hole from the inside and screw the plug back on….

    Good idea. Executed in a simple way… but that’s how the hack should be!

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  7. The extension lead was dismantled at the plug-points as he plug itself looks sealed and can’t be opened (either way goes).

    The hole in the plywood obviously need to be big enough to let the plugs through as generally they are sealed too (unless one wants to cut the wire and install another plug).

    Clever gadget but surely will draw flak from the wife when you occupy one of her flower pots with ugly electronics :D

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